iFixit will sell almost every part of the Steam Deck, including the entire motherboard

May 22 news,friday night,iFixit has released a list of components that will be available for Valve’s handhelds。Listing shows the company plans to sell spare parts for nearly every component in the Steam Deck,Includes replacement motherboard with AMD’s custom Aerith chipset onboard.

Discovered by The Verge,iFixit will even sell “upgraded” product parts。For example, you can buy a 512GB version of the display to replace the parts of the 64GB or 256GB models,Get an anti-glare screen that’s only on the top.It is reported that,Users can also buy a “repair kit” for $5,It contains all the tools needed to replace the screen.

iFixit将提供Steam Deck几乎所有零件,包括带 AMD定制芯片的主板

It is worth mentioning that,iFixit does not provide all parts,For example, there are no replacement batteries to buy,However, it will provide these services at a later date.

Kyle Wiens, chief executive of iFixit, said: “We don’t have a solution for battery repairs yet.But we’re working on working with Valve,Maintaining these devices as they age” “It is very important to replace the batteries,Allows Steam Deck to stand the test of time. “

And some other parts didn’t arrive immediately,For example, the Steam Deck’s trackpad and panel buttons,Fortunately, most spare parts are reasonably priced,Thumb joysticks, for example, cost only $20.Currently,The most expensive parts iFixit offers are new motherboards,A piece costs $350,And a brand new Steam Deck from Valve starts at $400.

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